All about Nutmeg

Cause, you know, it really is all about Nutmeg and her entourage.

Nutmeg gets her MJP

And it only took me 2 more shows to post it on the web.  Don't worry, I was busy bragging about it in person to everyone I met. 

Four years ago we thought Nutmeg hated agility.  She was going so slow on courses that I knew it would take a miracle to get out of the Open class.  Then we found Dr. Kelly Thompson and Sandy Rogers of Ace Dog Sports.  Dr. Thompson fixed her back so she stopped hurting and Sandy trained us so that Nutmeg would run fast. 

When the AKC added the preferred class Nutmeg flew through Novice and Open and even got her Agility Excellent titles.  Each of those titles requires 3 qualifying scores.  For the Agility Excellent title she had to run perfectly 3 times but she could have time faults.  Nutmeg has always been my tortoise in the agility ring, very reliable but not always fast. 

The Master titles require 10 perfect runs which are also under standard course time. For her to get a Master Jumper title is an amazing feat simply in that she had to run fast enough 10 times.

First Entry

So, Nutmeg is currently asleep in bed with Rob.  She rules over the boys so she gets the choice spots.