Fez makes his debut

Last weekend Fez made his agility debut at Dixon.  Dawson started the weekend by showing Fez what to do and getting his first Excellent QQ.  Just 19 more to go for his PAX title!  And, in addition to getting the Qs Dawson ran very fast and got 2 first place ribbons too.  He must have known that the club had some very pretty red, white and blue Double Q ribbons this weekend ;)

Fez's first run was a little wild.  I left him at the start line intending to lead out 2 jumps.  I looked back after the first one and he was starting to check out the crowd so I said "Are you ready" and he took off over the first jump.  I guess he was more than ready.  Once I caught up to him and reminded him that those sticks in the ground were weave poles just like we had in class he was great.  He got a little distracted by things outside the ring but he would come right back to me when I called him.  His standard run was even better.  He was fast.  So fast he flew to the end of the teeter and bounced off as it touched the ground.  Not a fly off but it sure surprised him.  Fez just missed qualifying in FAST by a second or two so we ended up with 2 Qs and 2 First place ribbons.

On Sunday Fez was even better - he knew those 6 poles in the ground were for weaving and hit them perfectly the first time.  He also did every contact perfectly, ran fast and got less distracted.  He qualified, with first place, in both standard and jumpers.

Nutmeg got to play with Elizabeth!  Sunday morning she was feeling feisty.  She decided that since Dawson was out eating her steak she would play with my slippers to give me her opinion of the matter.  Fortunately, after Dawson ran she was still in the mood to give me a good shopping run and she earned her Shopping Excellent title.

Photos from Dog Gone Digital.