Here are a bunch of videos.

Sacramento Valley Weimaraner

On Sept 27-28 we went to Fez's second agility show.  It was hotter than heck!  Dawson didn't have it quite so bad since he made it to Excellent and got to run in the morning but poor Fez had to run in Novice at the end of the day.  I came home with 3 First place ribbons for the boys.

Dawson Qed in standard both days - and having some good things happen on all our runs.

Fez Qed on Sunday in standard to get his Novice Agility title!  If you check out his other runs you will see why the main page still has agility hooligan next to his name though. The person you hear apologizing to me in the Saturday standard run is the judge.  She was trying very hard not to laugh too much at his antics.

Napa Valley DTC video

Fez had his debut at the Napa Valley DTC agility show.  Dawson also got a QQ on Saturday.

Sparky's FAST run

Puppy intro

Puppy candid  movie