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A list of changes I've made.

Random musings.

OK, I can't believe it's been so long since I updated the web site.  I guess we've been busy doing things.

Updated titles for the boys.

Fez got a title

No major changes to the web site yet.  I've been recovering from a hard disk meltdown so I'm finally back to where I was before the crash.  Maybe.  At our last show Fez covered himself in glory on the first day by getting his third Excellent A standard leg.  And then on Sunday he showed why he still is an agility hooligan.  

The Remodel Continues

The remodel starts

Today they came to take away the old hall bathroom.  Lots of noise and lots of people too.  Not for the tearing down but everyone and their neighbor needs to take a peek so they know what work they have to do in the rebuilding.

New titles

Fez is in Excellent Standard now too!  We had a good run but I thought for sure that we had not qualified.  Turns out we got exactly as many faults as we could - 1 refusal, 1 wrong course and 1 table fault.  Our standard runs in Excellent have been very interesting though.

I went to Utah for a vacation and some skiing and when I came back I got Dawson's MXP title certificate in the mail. Seems I had lost track of one of his Qs - but don't worry, I know how many QQs we have.

Lots of updates

Since the last update we have gone to two agility shows.  Fez has gotten 4 agility titles, both boys have gotten lots and lots of ribbons.  I also decided it was time to change the look of the web pages again.

Fez's second show and a title!

Added the videos from the Sacramento Valley Weimaraner agility show.  I came home with 3 First place ribbons (and Qs) and Fez got his Novice Agility title.

Fez's debut

Fez made his agility debut at the Napa Valley DTC show.  Dawson also did well with a QQ.  We got pictures and video.  Here is Robson, a BT we know in his first AKC show.

Fun match photos

Photos from a June fun match with the boys.

Puppies and agility

Sparky's Ex FAST run from Saturday added.

Lynda took all the puppies to a photo shoot and stopped by the agility show on her way home.  We all met there so I could get my puppy fix.  Here is the introduction to all the puppies.  And here is some candid footage.

Christmas and birthday photos

Added Christmas 2007 photos and Fez turning 2 pictures.

Titles and a haircut

In the last few months Dawson has achieved his MX title.  Fez got his RN.  And today I got my hair cut.  I was not expecting Fez to get his Rally Novice title yet so it's a little exciting.  Next step for him is off leash obedience.  I'm not quite ready for that one yet so it might be a while.

Utah Trip added

We drove out to visit Mom and Dad.

Photos for Lynda

A very few of my favorite agility photos.

Nutmeg gets her MJP

Nutmeg got her Master Jumper Preferred title at the Norcal Golden Retriever agility show.  To get this title she had to run perfectly and fast 10 different times.  Not bad for a dog that we thought hated agility 4 years ago.

About to go live

Well, I've done some all new stuff and recreated the 26 Things from july 2003.  I'm using Sandvox and it was much easier to recreate the photo albums than it was to do the original in Freeway.

Nov 6th

We are starting new with the web site so everything has changed.